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Cooling Options (Clutches and Brakes)

When MAGPOWR Clutches or Brakes are used under slip conditions, heat is generated that must be dissipated. For those applications where the heat generated exceeds the dissipation capacity of a convection cooled model, additional heat dissipation capacity can be achieved through the addition of one or both MAGPOWR cooling options: For Air and/or Water cooling. Adding one or both of these cooling options to a MAGPOWR unit increases its heat dissipation capacity by 300% to 500%. This allows you to select the model that will deliver the required torque for the application, rather than selecting a larger (more expensive) unit of a higher torque rating, simply to dissipate the anticipated higher heat generated by the application. When the smaller size unit is selected, the result is more precise control because the full torque range of the unit is being utilized.


Air hood and blower assembly is a complete pre-assembled shroud constructed so that air from the blower is forced through the clutch or brake. The forced air cooling is particularly useful on applications having a low rpm unit. Factory assembled units with this option are designated by the letter "A" appearing after the model number. This cooling option is also available as a kit that can be added in place to any installed MAGPOWR unit. This becomes an advantage in those cases where the material being handled in a process changes. Or upgrading the machine requires additional heat dissipation capabity.


In these units, water is forced into the hollow rotor through a tube in the shaft and is returned through the shaft to the special water fitting or coupling. Water cooled clutches and brakes are designated by the letter "W" appearing after the model number. Water fittings are not included with MAGPOWR clutches and must be ordered separately, specifying RWF for rotary water fittings.


The combination of the Forced Air option on a Water Cooled MAGPOWR unit gives maximum heat dissipation capacity. Factory assembled units with both options are designated by the letters WA appearing after the model number.

General Specifications:

Stationary Water Fittings:
SWF-10 C-10-WB and C-10-WAB Brake SWF-50 C-50-WB and C-50-WAB Brake SWF-10 0 C-100-WB and C-100-WAB Brake

Rotary Water Fittings:
RWF-10 C-10-WB andC-10-WAB Brake RWF-50 C-50-WB and C-50-WAB Brake RWF-10 0 C-100 andC-100-WAB-Brake

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