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Winding Accessories

Air inflation tools, roll savers and other important tools are required to optimize the effectiveness of your product line.  The accessories you purchase from Tidland are top quality, affordable items that save you time and money throughout your day.

Air Inflation Tool

Tidland Air Inflation Tools are a fast and efficient way to inflate shaft and chuck bladders and elements for optimal performance.

Recoiling Air Hose

Use this air hose to interconnect chucks on a mandrel or core shaft. Includes 1/4 NPT external brass fittings on each end. (1/4" x 12 ft.)

Air Hose with Fittings

Attach this abrasion-resistant air hose to an Air Inflation Tool. Includes 1/4 NPT external nylon fittings on each end. (1/4" x 10 ft.) Holds 150 psi (10.3 bar) pressure, maximum.

Air Release Tool

Tidland recommends using this Air Release Tool to helpensure operator safety when deflating shafts and chucks.

Punch and Gauge

For use with Tidland external elements, the Punch and Gauge shortens maintenance downtime by ensuring correct hole locations and diameters in new bladders and elements with having to measure each one.

Journal Puller Assembly

The Journal Puller Assembly is extremely helpful for maintenance personnel when removing press fit journals.

Mill Wedge

The Tidland Mill Wedge is made of tough ABS plastic and is primarily designed to separate paper rolls when web interweaving occurs.

Mark I Roll Saver

The Mark I Roll Saver is designed to restore 2-3/4" (70 mm) to 3" (76.2 mm) I.D. crushed cores with a manually operated hydraulic oil pressure pump.

Mark I Roll Saver Adapters

These adapters are available in three sizes and may be used in combination with the Mark I Roll Saver to restore 4" (101.6 mm), 5" (127 mm),
6" (152.4 mm) and 6 3/4" (171.5 mm) crushed cores.

Mark I Roll Saver Sledge Weight

The Sledge Weight is a useful tool for driving the Mark I Roll Saver into difficult cores. It's better, simpler, and safer than any type of sledgehammer 20 lb. (9 kg) weight.

Mark II Roll Saver

The Mark II Roll Saver is designed to restore 2-3/4" (70 mm) to 3" (76.2 mm) I.D. fiber cores. It is not recommended for steel or steel-tipped cores.

Drive Coupling & Universal Joint Assemblies

A Drive Coupling (on the brake shaft) and Universal Joint (on the core shaft) with the Tidland Air Brake may be used for transmitting torque to maintain web tension and ease shaft removal for roll changes.

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