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GX Ultra-Lightweight Shaft
gx shaft

The ergonomic solution in winding is found here, in the Ultra-Lightweight GX shaft.
Made with ultra-lightweight construction and an innovated
2-piece expanding element, this shaft delivers unmatched performance in many unwind
and rewind applications.
Your operators will enjoy the relief on their backs as lifting this shaft is easy, helping to reduce back injuries and ultimately worker’s comp claims.

With the combination of light weight, affordability and the innovated 2-piece external element design, these versatile shafts are ideal for use in many applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Light weight construction reduces risk of operator injury from lifting
  • Two-piece element design is easily changed without removing from machine
  • Isolated air system enables completion of roll run without loss of grip on core


Key Features:
3” (76 mm) ID core size for light duty center (limited multiple roll capacity) winding or for all-roll supported winding that does not ever carry the roll weight
4" (100 mm)
5" (120 mm)
6” (150 mm)
ID core size for all light-to-meduim duty applications, including multiple roll conditions

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